book cover finalThe Internet is a wonderful place where you can socialize, play games, collect information, get updates and learn new things. All this, while sitting in the comfort of your home! You may wonder.. “ Why then do I need Internet Safety while chatting with friends or playing online? Is a hand going to come out of the screen and punch me in the face? Obviously not!”Have you ever considered that cyberspace can be a dangerous place? A place where you might bump into strangers, bullies or criminals? Think again! This is possible because the computer provides a virtual wall for people to hind behind.

Some consequences of your online activities can spill out of cyberspace and mess up your real life. Is it possible to use the Internet safely and to your advantage, without getting trapped in the net?

This little book empowers you with information so you can make Cyberspace a safe, happy place.  As you explore the fascinating world of the Internet, it’ll hold you by the finger and guide you to Be Safe in Cyberspace.

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