It was an honour for ‘Be Safe in Cyberspace’ to receive appreciation from Honorable HRD Minister, Smt. Smriti Irani, on 1st May, 2015. During the meeting she said, “The world our children are growing up in is not the world we grew up in. It has always been a challenge to keep our kids safe and to find the right balance to foster independence whilst keeping them safe and happy. The challenge is a significantly harder one today and it’s not going to get easier. Even if one does their very best to instill a sense of respect for others and themselves, even if one is mindful of the dangers out there and makes every effort to raise ones child to understand these dangers and make the right decisions for themselves, even if we have got it right, I don’t believe it’s always enough.”

She further added, “We live in a world where there exists too much of everything – too many pressures, too many enticements, too many ways for the wrong people to have the wrong influence on the most sensible children / teens. With the intention of helping our young Net users to stay safe, I strongly recommend ‘Be Safe in Cyberspace’ for children and young people.”

Her words of appreciation will always motivate us to continue our dedicated efforts to accomplish our mission of helping young ‘netizens’ to use the power of the Internet in a safe, secure and positive way and create a ‘Safer Cyberspace’!