Five Signs of a Fake E-mail

Identify Phishing Scams Easily With the current global crisis due to COVID 19, phishing scams are becoming more and more rampant. If you are not vigilant, scammers can trick you into parting with your hard earned money. All of us need to be careful of detecting fake sites or emails leading to “phishing”. In order […]

Latest Instagram Incident- A Wake-up Call

The latest incident involving an Instagram group named, bois locker room, has taken social media and the media by storm. Among the millions of similar groups on social networking sites, this is probably the first one that got exposed. Hundreds of 17-18 year old boys were members of this group, which was being used to […]

3 C’s For Managing Kid’s Screen Time During Coronavirus

School Time v/s Screen Time The Coronavirus pandemic has forced schools across the country and around the world to shut down for weeks. As uncertainty prevails, parents world over are grappling with how to keep their children occupied, while juggling their own work from home (WFH) responsibilities. In a unique situation like this, routine can […]

Excessive Internet Usage – Signs and Solutions

With its never-ending supply of games, apps, social networking sites, instant messaging and information sources that the virtual world offers, we don’t always hear the clock ticking when we’re online and young people are no exception. Between doing research for school projects, chatting with friends, updating social networking accounts and playing online games, it easy […]

Five ‘E s’ of Using the Internet Effectively

For years I’ve been writing and talking about the potential pitfalls that the online world harbors, sharing ways to ‘Be Safe in Cyberspace’.  So it may come as a relief to know that there numerous ways of using the power of the Internet positively and to our advantage. And today, I’d like to share how […]

Three Questions Parents Need to Ask About

  1. What is A social site that is very popular with children, (pronounced as allows anonymous people to ask any question to those who create an account. It is a platform where users from around the world can ask and answer questions, anonymously. The person asking questions doesn’t need to join […]

The ABC of Limiting Your Child’s Screen Time

In today’s digital world, more and more children are glued to their devices- smartphones, tablets, TVs and other screen-based devices, consuming more and more of their time and attention. Passive screen time is replacing reading, playing, socializing and problem-solving. Screens keep your child quiet and occupied, but too much screen time can be detrimental, leading […]

PUBG Perils

It was my interaction with a young, nine year old, who was terribly bullied while playing PUBG an online multiplayer game that led me to delve deeper into the nuances of the game. Players Unknown Battle Grounds, better known as PUBG, is a game wherein up to 100 players parachute down to a deserted map […]

What I Wish Every Parent Knew About Instagram

Today, I have some very valuable information to share. While most parents understand Facebook, there are very few who understand Instagram – a photo sharing social networking app. And that’s the reason why more and more children prefer having an account on Instagram, instead of Facebook. Although, the legal age for accessing these sites is […]

Six Secrets I Wish Every Parent Knew About

Today, I’d like to share information about For those who are unfamiliar (which most likely includes people over 25), is a popular social media platform that allows users create and share 15-second videos of them, lip syncing to various sound clips. On the face of it, simply feels like a kids’ digital […]