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The advent of the Internet has transformed many aspects of our lives, including learning and teaching. With changing technology, students are changing too—Internet usage is a part and parcel of daily their life and hand-held devices are common in all grade levels. In this dynamic digital world, it is important for students to know how to protect themselves and their identity at all times, both online and offline.

Teaching students about how to be safe in cyberspace and educating them about utilizing online resources safely, proper online behaviour, cyber bullying and safe social networking is becoming an important part of the school curriculum. The spotlight has turned towards preparing students to use the power of Internet safely and responsibly, without getting trapped in the net. Sometimes, this could a little too demanding for an educationist who himself/herself is not too well versed with the dynamics of the Internet.

Our Be Safe in Cyberspace Teachers’ Workshop will give you and your staff tips and tricks on how to inculcate responsible digital citizenship, promote cyber safety and good netiquette among your students. This two hour interactive session includes a multi-media presentation, videos and innovative ideas for fun classroom activities, which could be used to promote Internet safety among your young Internet users.

The Be Safe in Cyberspace Teachers’ Workshop encompasses:

  • Overview of basic rules of Internet safety
  • Understanding the perils of the Internet and online safety issues faced by young children
  • Popular social media apps, online gaming sites and dangers involved
  • Safe Online financial transactions
  • Online predators and child abuse
  • Dealing with cyber bullying, sexting and online porn
  • Nurturing positive digital citizenship
  • Copyright and plagiarism
  • Promoting wise online decisions and clean digital footprints

The Be Safe in Cyberspace Teachers’ Workshop will empower and equip teachers to guide their students to be ethical and responsible netizens.