Our mission is to help Netizens, especially young people, to learn all they need to know about using the Internet in a safe, secure and positive way. We provide education and support on how to Be Safe in Cyberspace.

Be Safe In Cyber Space - Programs


Be Safe in Cyberspace Students’ Workshops address all aspects of  Internet Safety from password protection and usernames, safety of personal information and safe social networking to serious issues such as cyber bullying, sexting and Internet addiction. Interactive and informative, the workshops highlight facts encouraging students to make wiser online choices around privacy, gaming, social media, […]

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Today’s children represent the first generation to be born with a silver digital spoon and brought up in a digital world, where they are surrounded by technology – computers, tablets, smart phones, television… not to forget, online games. In a sense, our children don’t ‘go online’; they’re always connected! They’ve spent their entire lives using […]

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The advent of the Internet has transformed many aspects of our lives, including learning and teaching. With changing technology, students are changing too—Internet usage is a part and parcel of daily their life and hand-held devices are common in all grade levels. In this dynamic digital world, it is important for students to know how […]

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How to Prevent Financial Fraud – Five Simple Solutions

Incidents of Online Financial frauds are rampantly increasing. Apparently, the swift adoption of digital transactions during the COVID-19 pandemic has made users more vulnerable to online frauds, scams and cybercrimes.  Unfortunately, the fraudsters are often at an advantage, since they can easily impersonate or conceal their real identity, status and vicious intentions. This article has […]

Five Signs of a Fake E-mail

Identify Phishing Scams Easily With the current global crisis due to COVID 19, phishing scams are becoming more and more rampant. If you are not vigilant, scammers can trick you into parting with your hard earned money. All of us need to be careful of detecting fake sites or emails leading to “phishing”. In order […]


Appreciation for ‘Be Safe in Cyberspace’

We live in a world where there exists too much of everything – too many pressures, too many enticements, too many ways for the wrong people to have the wrong influence on the most sensible children / teens. With the intention of helping our young Net users to stay safe, I strongly recommend ‘Be Safe in Cyberspace’ for children and young people.

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