Our workshops have been guiding digital citizens towards making responsible online decisions now, in order to safeguard not only their present, but also their future. Permanency of digital footprints is one of our key messages – There is NO ‘Delete Button’ on the Internet, so content once posted could have unimaginable future consequences, which sometimes spill out of Cyberspace and mess up our real lives.

By creating awareness about the increasing number of cyber crimes and instances of cyber bullying, participants are sensitized to be neither a bully nor a victim. Our sessions are, thus, aimed at empowering participants to safely explore the fascinating world of the Internet, without getting trapped in the ‘Net’!

Press Report in The Times of India
At Ahlcon International School
With the Principal Shalom Hills
Parent’s Workshop at Shalom Hills International School
The Shriram Millennium School, Faridabad
At The ShriRam Millennium School, NOIDA