Smartly “Phone-Free”

Believe it or not the close knit relationship that you share with your smartphone and other electronic devices has changed the way you view and interact with the world. Let’s face facts – most of us are constantly logged in! Recent studies reveal that 44 percent cell phone users sleep with their phones next to […]

Appreciation from Honorable HRD Minister

It was an honour for ‘Be Safe in Cyberspace’ to receive appreciation from Honorable HRD Minister, Smt. Smriti Irani, on 1st May, 2015. During the meeting she said, “The world our children are growing up in is not the world we grew up in. It has always been a challenge to keep our kids safe […]

World Book Fair – Nine Days of Non –stop Fun

The first of its kind in India, Be Safe in Cyberspace, is a book that creates awareness and offers solutions to avoid the dangers, both seen and unseen, faced by children, teenagers and young adults, when they are online. The book received a heart-warming response at the recently concluded New Delhi World book Fair 2016, […]

Events and Workshops

Our workshops have been guiding digital citizens towards making responsible online decisions now, in order to safeguard not only their present, but also their future. Permanency of digital footprints is one of our key messages – There is NO ‘Delete Button’ on the Internet, so content once posted could have unimaginable future consequences, which sometimes […]

from Honorable HRD Minister Smt. Smriti Irani

Appreciation for ‘Be Safe in Cyberspace’ We live in a world where there exists too much of everything – too many pressures, too many enticements, too many ways for the wrong people to have the wrong influence on the most sensible children / teens. With the intention of helping our young Net users to stay […]

DPS Greater Faridabad

Dear Ms. Pooja Malhotra It’s been an absolute pleasure and honour to have you visit our school today to conduct a workshop on “Be safe in Cyberspace” on Nov 6, 2015. We have Loved knowing your thoughts and found them so worthy of emulating. We look forward to your continued association with us. Love & […]


TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN This is to certify that Ms.Pooja Malhotra has conducted a session on how to “Be Safe in Cyberspace” for 129 students of class VI on Friday, 14th August, 2015 at Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood Village, Eros Garden, Faridabad. Sanyogita Sharma Principal MANAV RACHNA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

Ahlcon International School

TO WHOM SO EVER IT MAY CONCERN This is to state that Ms. Pooja Malhotra has conducted a session on “Digital Citizenship and Cyber safety” for 200 students of classes XI and XII on Friday, 7th August, 2015 at Ahlcon International School. The Session was informative and meaningful for the students. Warm regards, Ashok Pandey […]


Your online reputation is as important as your offline reputation because your online posts tell the world who you are! You may not realize it, but every time you use the internet you leave a trail of your digital footprints. Whatever you post online, the websites that you visit the videos/music that you download and […]

Smart Ways to Deal with Online Identity Theft

You have bullies in the real world and bullies in cyber space. While the real world bully can be identified with no trouble, the cyber bully has no persona and cannot be easily tracked down. So it is up to you to ‘Be Safe in Cyberspace’. Did your friends just inform you of the existence […]